8.28 CSA Bounty & Menu

This week’s CSA box includes cherry tomatoes, butternut squash, an onion, green beans, grapes, figs, carrots, romaine lettuce, a mini watermelon, radishes and basil.

I got a late start this week so didn’t actually cook my first meal until Tuesday night and Friday starts a holiday weekend so some of the veggies will be taken on our trip to San Diego so our friends can share in the bounty. Thus, this week is a short menu.

Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: Stuffed peppers at a friend’s house

Lunch: Co-worker lunch at a local Indian restaurant
Dinner: Korean beef tacos and cauliflower rice with homemade mango and ancho salsas

Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: TBD

Lunch: Lunch at a local Japanese restaurant
Dinner: Grilled chicken with pesto, green beans,

Lunch: Salad with figs, grapes, chicken and balsamic/olive oil dressing

For the weekend: onion, carrots, watermelon, grapes, adobo salsa, mango salsa


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