Greek yogurt: A comparison

In the early stages of trying to get back to a healthy weight, I ate a lot of yogurt. I mean, it was A LOT of yogurt. I’m happy to say I’ve really come to enjoy having a cup of Greek yogurt every day. Even if it is nonfat. But I am excited to get back to the regular stuff when the weight loss part of this journey is over and it’s time for maintenance.

Now, I’m not an expert or anything, and everyone’s tastes are different, but I have tried five different types of yogurt in the past six weeks and figured I’d share my notes. I realize two of them are lowfat, but while the difference in flavor between nonfat and full fat vary greatly, nonfat to lowfat is minimal.

We’ll go from worst to best.

Whole Foods lowfat plain Greek yogurt: This one had a strange after taste. I prefer my yogurt thick. It’s wasn’t runny, exactly, but it had a good puddle of liquid after sitting in the fridge for a few days. And really, the after taste … I just can’t.

Chobani nonfat plain Greek yogurt: This one surprised me. I really expected more from a brand that’s well known in the yogurt world. Their flavored and full-fat varieties are just fine, but the nonfat isn’t as thick and also has a strange after taste.

The Greek Gods lowfat plain Greek yogurt: I adore their whole milk variety with a little bit of honey, but taking the fat out isn’t their strong suit. If this is the only option, though, it’s tolerable and on the thicker side compared to the others.

Ralph’s generic nonfat Greek yogurt: This one surprised me more than anything. It actually has a nice consistency and very tolerable flavor. There’s a sweetness to it that I really enjoyed. It goes great with fruit.

Fage nonfat Greek Yogurt: I can’t wait until I can try their regular version because even the nonfat is great. The thickness is perfect and the flavor goes wonderfully with veggies. There is a slight sour-creamy aftertaste but nothing too offensive and when paired with strawberries or granola, the tart flavor creates really great balance. I can see why Bobby Flay endorses this brand. It’s delish.

So, there you have it. Choose wisely, my friends.



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