Pollock With Asparagus & Mushrooms


What you need
2 Pollock filets
2 Cups chopped asparagus
1 Cup sliced mushrooms
3 Cloves smashed or minced garlic
1/2 sliced lime
Lemon Pepper Seasoning (I use Spice House Pepper-Lemon)
3 Cups water
Large, deep pan with lid
Tongs or a very large spoon

What you need to do
1. Season fish with lemon pepper
2. Lay veggies and garlic in the center of a piece of foil large enough to create a packet (or two, if need be) sprinkle with pepper and top with fish, top fish with lime slices
3. Wrap the foil around the veggies and fish to make a steam packet
4. Place the packet in 3 cups of water and cover the pan
5. Once the water begins to boil, steam the packet for 15-20 minutes depending on the size of your fish filets
6. When fish is thoroughly cooked, carefully remove the packet(s) from the water and let them set for a minute before serving

• This dish gets all of its seasoning from pepper and citrus and pollock has a strong fish flavor that makes even the asparagus flavors subtle. If the dish is too bland for your palate, add salt after cooking and squeeze the remaining lime over the fish.
• Mincing the garlic will infuse more flavor into the veggies.
• The flavor is similar to a seafood soup and I’m planning to use this recipe as a base for such a dish later – maybe add some shrimp, scallops, lemongrass, Thai chili and a lot more lime. Stay tuned for that recipe.
• If you’re making this ahead of time for lunch the following day, put the filet in frozen and leave it slightly undercooked so re-heating doesn’t dry it out.

Serves 2


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