Grilled Salmon & Pesto Covered Zucchini Noodles


1 Pound salmon filet, cut in half
Italian seasoning
1 or 2 Zucchini squashes (depending on how big they are)
1 cup fresh basil (save a little for garnish)
Juice of 1 lemon
Another lemon for finishing
A handful of nuts (traditional pesto uses pine nuts, I use almonds because I usually have them on hand)
Freshly grated parmesan cheese (this can be omitted for a dairy-free recipe, the sauce is good without it, too)
Olive oil
Salt & Pepper
Grill or grill pan
Food processor or blender
Spiral slicer or veggie peeler

1. Sprinkle the filet with Italian seasoning and a little bit of salt and pepper, place it on the grill(pan) skin side down.
2. While the salmon cooks, combine lemon juice, nuts, basil and cheese in the food processor or blender and turn that bad boy on. Add olive oil a little at a time until the sauce reaches your preferred consistency.
3. Spiral slice your zucchini. If using a veggie peeler, just peel ribbons of zucchini over and over until it’s too thin to keep on going. The ribbons will be wide and thin, but work just as well as spirals as a base for your salmon.
4. When your salmon turns pink about half way through, time to flip.
5. Remove the salmon skin using a fork by inserting one fork prong under the skin and rolling across the filet.
6. Plate your zucchini, pour sauce over it and top with salmon. Finish with fresh squeezed lemon juice, chopped fresh basil and salt & pepper to taste.

• In the photo, I used leftover bottled pesto because I needed to get rid of it, which is why it’s a darker color. Fresh pesto tastes better, is a much brighter color of green and you can customize it to your preferences (less oil, more oil, lemon, nuts – whatever).
• Cooking the salmon with the skin on helps prevent sticking and overcooking. The pros don’t do it like this, but I’m not a pro and have found the method very useful. You only need grill marks on the top anyway.
• If your salmon skin gets a crunchy, that’s OK. You’re taking it off later. Unless you like that kind of thing. Then, leave it on. You do you.

Serves 2


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